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If White Sox stick to history, Robin Ventura may be gone soon

Each year since taking over the White Sox, the question towards the end of the season was “would Robin Ventura want to return?”

He’s already answered that this season, but there is a new question; will they have him back?

The White Sox have failed to make the postseason since Ventura was hired as manager in 2012. His first season with the team was the last time they were even over .500 on the year.

If Ventura and the White Sox don’t do something to get at or above .500 this season, that may be the end for the manager on the South Side.

The White Sox, specifically owner Jerry Reinsdorf, seem to like Ventura. However, if they were willing to cut ties with Ozzie Guillen, who not only played for the team but also lead them to a World Series championship, then Ventura may be in big trouble.

After their loss Wednesday night, the White Sox are 66-72. With only four weeks left in the season, Ventura is running out of time.