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Monday Letters: We need sensible gun laws on national level

National gun-control laws have never been implemented, so how can gun advocates be so certain that gun control doesn’t work? Nothing beats a failure but a try.

I don’t believe many people desire a gun in their home. So who’s responsible for this lopsided theory? Those most likely to benefit from the sale of guns, that’s who!

People are getting killed by guns.

Edwina Jackson, Longwood Manor

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Gun control must be national

Thursday night on the WGN news, they were talking about gun control. And they said, yes people can go to Indiana buy guns and bring them back to Chicago and sell them.

Way back in 1981, Sydney Harris, a columnist for the Sun -Times wrote a book Pieces of Eight. He said for gun controll to be effective it has to be nationwide or the guns will be smuggled across state lines and into city limits. He said there is no way “local option” can work. Why hasn’t the government thought about it this way?

Buzzy Cafarelli

Finding better cops

Neil Steinberg made excellent points in his two columns on the issue of police accountability this week, as have others. But one significant issue, and maybe the thorniest, I have not seen anyone address is: Who should be a police officer? The military and commercial airlines seem to do a very effective job of selecting people who should be allowed in the pilot’s seat. Why can’t we do a better job of selecting candidates for law enforcement? And why can’t we train them and equip them so that their encounters with the public they protect don’t escalate into life and death situations so often? Accountability must be addressed now, at all levels, for change to begin, but we must also go back to the beginning.

Michael Hart, West Ridge