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Chicago police say outsiders behind slurs on radio traffic

Efforts by the Chicago Police Department to rebuild relations with African-Americans were not helped by racial epithets being broadcast over a CPD radio frequency. | File photo

CHICAGO — Authorities say the recent transmission of racial slurs over the Chicago police radio frequency came from “external, unauthorized radios.”

While a police dispatcher and an officer were speaking on March 13, someone interrupted with profanity and a racial slur.

Authorities say another racially offensive remark was broadcast Sunday over Chicago police radio.

In a statement Monday, police spokesman Frank Giancamelli called the racial comments “abhorrent and absolutely unacceptable.”

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He added that there is no evidence the speaker is a city employee, but the Office of Emergency Management and Communications and the police department continue to investigate.

Although police frequencies are legally restricted to official traffic, Chicago police and OEMC officials say they’ve had to deal with people, including security guards, making unauthorized transmissions.