John Fountain: Random thoughts on issues that matter

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Random Thoughts: Our daughters can Twerk, Whip and Nae Nae. But can they read?

Just random thoughts.

Why is talking right, talking “white?” Why is a black kid who earns good grades, speaks the king’s English and behaves at school teased by black kids for “acting white?” What is authentically “black” anyway? Getting bad grades, sagging, speaking Ebonics and acting a fool?

Just random thoughts.


Here’s another: You don’t have to be a kid’s natural father to pour into his life. If we fail to pour out all that is within us before we close our mortal eyes, we leave no legacy behind.

Random thoughts: “Justice or Else?” The theme of this weekend’s Million Man March in Washington, D.C., leaves me scratching my bald head. …Or else what? What? Will somebody please tell me. What?

Random thoughts. These Cubbies are the real deal.

Lots of folks blame “the media” and other scapegoats for our communities in crisis. But where is Mama? And Daddy? And who birthed and nursed this disrespect and rage, this generation of entitlement, of disregard for human life and irreverence for those who sacrificed their lives amid greater brutalities and segregationist realities?

Just random thoughts: Former Chicago Public Schools CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett was indicted Thursday on charges of fraud, accused of steering $23 million in no-bid contracts, according to the U.S. attorney’s office, “in exchange for an expectation of hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes and kickbacks.” I wondered what was happening in Chicago “on or about September 10, 2012″ — when federal prosecutors allege Byrd-Bennett sent an email to her ex-boss, saying: “I have tuition to pay and casinos to visit (: [.]”

Hmmm. Well, it appears that on that day in CPS history, thousands of teachers marched downtown and also outside schools in Chicago’s first teachers strike in 25 years. Hundreds of thousands of children were locked out. Parents were scrambling to find temporary day care or shelter. And here was Byrd-Bennett allegedly looking out for No. 1, instead of the children.

Wow. Speechless.

Random thoughts: Young man, you can’t expect to deal drugs, smoke drugs, quit school, “catch a case,” then wonder why no one will hire you and your life is in shambles. Be the captain of your own destiny, or your destiny will be death and destruction.

Random thoughts: When an all-boys high school to which I am an invited speaker also feels the need to invite a woman to speak to their student body to explain to some of the young men that “your mother” cannot also be “your father,” Houston, we have a problem. I’m just saying.

The summer has ended. Spike Lee is long gone. And the killing in Chiraq continues. Who’s to blame now?

Random thoughts. A reader wrote to me: So “you’re saying a woman can’t be a male role model?” Duh …

For bad guys who are willing to go to jail for murder, the least of their worries is getting caught with a gun.

The greatest part of getting older: Worrying less about what people think about me.

Random thoughts: A group of black Chicago aldermen this week called for Mayor Rahm Emanuel to fire police Supt. Garry McCarthy.

Hmmm … That’s right, McCarthy’s to blame. He raised our sons who have become killers. Yep. He’s responsible for all the poverty, for the lack of economic development and opportunity and the self-hate that form the spiral of destruction, murder and chaos consuming our neighborhoods. Uh-huh, it’s Garry McCarthy’s fault …

Pleeease. Give me a break. What about irresponsible parents, preachers and politicians? Now, who’s talking about firing them?

Just random thoughts.


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