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Buck wading/eating to bobcat vs coyote: Notes on Chicago outdoors

Credit: Jim Lukancic/Facebook

Notes from around Chicago outdoors.



Jim Lukancic took this photo and posted, “I didn’t know deer eat lily pads.’’ When I first saw another one of his wonderful photos, I immediately thought of moose wading in the Boundary Waters.

Buck of the Week: Unplugged, the celebration of live big bucks around Chicago outdoors, runs Sundays on the outdoors page as warranted. Send nominations by Facebook (Dale Bowman), Twitter (@BowmanOutside) or email (



Sept. 17-18: Peotone, (708) 258-3343 . . . Joliet (815) 727-4811

Sept. 30-Oct. 1: Zion,

Oct. 1-2: Elburn,

Oct. 7-8: Arlington Heights,

Oct. 8-9: Mokena, (708 479-1020


(Click here for the general list of Illinois DU events)

Thursday: Lake Forest sponsor dinner, Onwentsia Club.

Thursday: North Shore Chicago Season Kick-off, Little Ricky’s Rib Joint, Winnetka

Saturday: Marengo Flyway DU- Guns’N Gear Event, Joe’s Place.


Tuesday: Bill Schwartz on fall trolling, Chicagoland Muskie Hunters chapter of Muskies Inc., Giuseppe’s La Cantina, Des Plaines, 7:30 p.m.,

Tuesday: Jim LaFortune on fall kings, Salmon Unlimited, Elk Grove Village VFW,, 7 p.m.,

Tuesday: [Note time, day and site changes] Biologist Luke Roffler, Lake Geneva Fishing Club, Big Foot Archers, Lake Geneva, Wis., 5:30 p.m.,

Wednesday: Wisconsin fisheries biologist Ben Heussner, Fox River Valley chapter of Muskies Inc., Schaumburg Golf Club, 7 p.m.,


Sept. 17-18: Des Plaines Conservation Area, Wilmington, (217) 785-2262


Thursday, Sept. 15: Final day, early Canada goose season

Sunday, Sett. 18: Final day, teal season


Q: “I live in Willow Springs. We have seen and heard a bobcat here. Haven’t heard coyotes in a while. Is that related?’’ Vince Hall tweet

A: I enjoyed the question enough that I emailed Bob Bluett, wildlife diversity biologist for the Illinois DNR, and added a question of my own on who would win in a bobcat vs coyote battle. I found both responses from Bluett interesting and informative, so I included his long form answer below for the online version:


SIU conducted a landmark study on distribution of predators in IL [“Spatial and Temporal Structure of a Mesocarnivore Guild in Midwestern North America’’]. There was no evidence of bobcats excluding coyotes from areas (or vice versa).

Cases of coyotes killing bobcats have been documented in other parts of North America, so I guess I would place my bet on the coyote. Probably a rare occurrence given the bobcat’s timid nature (i.e., they generally avoid confrontations), ability to climb trees, and defensive behavior when cornered.

I found his answer to my hypothetical question different than what I expected. I would have put my money on the bobcat.


17.8 cm: Listed maximum length, by USGS, for a round goby in the United States (Swear I’ve seen bigger)


Credit: Aaron Yetter, INHS
Credit: Aaron Yetter, INHS

“A lot of time and effort are put into duck hunting each summer/fall only to have it partially ruined by a wildly fluctuating river.’’

Aaron Yetter, on Illinois River flooding, in his blog after the first aerial waterfowl survey of the 68th season by the Illinois Natural History Survey. Click here for general info on the aerial surveys and to find out many other matters related to waterfowl research.