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Moline man charged with kidnapping his own child

Sun-Times file photo

A downstate man was indicted Thursday on federal kidnapping charges after he allegedly took his young child to Thailand without the mother’s knowledge.

Daniel Raymond Glaus, 48, of Moline was charged with international parental kidnapping and using a passport secured by a false statement, according to the U.S. Deptartment of Homeland Security.

Glaus took his child from East Moline to O’Hare International Airport and flew to Bangkok, Thailand in June, according to federal authorities. Glaus did not return the child to the mother June 19 after a scheduled 72-hour visit and his home was searched the following day. Authorities found the residence abandoned and learned Glaus had fraudulently applied for a passport for the child by forging a judge’s signature.

Glaus’ passport was revoked and he was taken into custody by Thai authorities July 10, authorities said. The child was returned to the United States two days later. Glaus was arrested Aug. 16 at Los Angeles International Airport.