Matthew Hendrickson

Staff reporter

Matthew Hendrickson is a staff reporter and editor.

The three-justice panel rejected all of Shomari Legghette’s arguments on appeal and affirmed his 2020 conviction.
The packages are co-branded with the logos of the Illinois Network for Pretrial Justice and the rapper’s cannabis company, 93 Boyz.
Security guard Norman Thomas, 57, was shot multiple times last year during the brazen daytime robbery of a jewelry store at River Oaks Center.
Maria Pike sought closure for more than a decade. Now, with the man who killed her son Ricky paroled, she told a Cook County judge that justice hasn’t been served.
“We won the case but we still lost my daughter,” the girl’s mother, Naikeeia Williams, said. “I’m happy it’s over. I’m happy justice was served for my daughter.”
Henry Graham, 49, faces a first-degree murder charge in the June death of Russell Long, who was struck from behind as he walked in the 600 block of North Michigan Avenue.
William Groves, 48, faces 15 counts of attempted murder for the attack early Sunday in the 1200 block of South Pulaski Road.
Deandre Binion is expected to be released from prison next fall under a deal that dropped nearly all charges against him, including attempted murder.
Yerlianny Romero, 28, told a television station she was holding her young son in her arms when the shots rang out last weekend at the Grand Crossing District police station.