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Suburban postal worker charged with delivering drugs

Sun-Times file photo

A U.S. postal worker in the south suburbs is charged with making special deliveries — of the illegal variety.

Marvin Jones, who worked in the Tinley Park post office, is accused of picking up packages containing marijuana and delivering them to two south suburban men.

Jones, who is in the 50s, of Hazel Crest, was arrested last week and released on his own recognizance.

Courtney Poindexter, one of the men who allegedly received the packages from Jones, is wanted on an arrest warrant. Poindexter is a felon with convictions for drug and gun offenses, records show.

Jones was placed under surveillance in May after the postal inspector general’s office received a hotline tip.

Packages containing drugs and bearing phony California return addresses were sent by an unidentified person to the Tinley Park post office between May and August, according to a federal criminal complaint.

The parcels were addressed to legitimate south suburban addresses, but the occupants’ names were phony. Jones allegedly intercepted them at the post office.

He affixed an orange “vacation hold” label to at least one of them before delivering it to Poindexter, the complaint said.

Jones also delivered packages to an unidentified Country Club Hills drug trafficker who paid Jones for the service, the complaint said. Jones drove a white Mercedes sedan during at least one of the deliveries, the complaint said.

During the investigation, federal agents seized five packages that contained a total of 4 pounds of marijuana, vials of hash oil, bottles of lemonade laced with THC, the active chemical compound in marijuana, and marijuana edibles, the complaint said.