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Pre-debate, Trump over Clinton in Illinois Facebook interactions

Donald Trump (AP photo) and Hillary Clinton (AFP photo)

The audience is expected to be massive for the first debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump on Monday night at Hofstra University in New York.

According to Facebook numbers, when it comes to Illinois, Trump beats Clinton in pre-debate interactions, and both far overwhelm third party challengers Gary Johnson and Jill Stein.

The data covers the period between Aug. 25 through Sept. 24

Take a look:

First Last State Num_People Interactions
Donald Trump Illinois 1,328,000 12,959,000
Hillary Clinton Illinois 1,054,000 9,977,000
Gary Johnson Illinois 129,000 758,000
Jill Stein Illinois 53,000 231,000
Mike Pence Illinois 65,000 185,000
Tim Kaine Illinois 47,000 128,000
Bill Weld Illinois 13,000 30,000
Ajamu Baraka Illinois 7,000 27,000

Andy Stone