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Bears set uniform schedule; ‘Color Rush’ again vs. Packers

The Bears wore all navy against the Packers last year. (Getty Images)

The Bears announced their uniform schedule for the season late Wednesday night, confirming that they will wear monochromatic “Color Rush” jerseys against the Packers in Week 4.

What color will it be? The team won’t say, but last year the Bears matched their navy jerseys with their navy pants against an all-white Packers team.

If that holds true again this year, the Bears won’t wear white jerseys until Week 6, when they travel to play the Ravens. The Buccaneers will wear white at home in Week 2.

The Bears will wear their navy “Monsters of the Midway” throwback jerseys — and helmets with no sticker and gray facemasks — in Week 3 against the Steelers and Week 11 against the Lions. Both are home games.

The Bears will wear their standard navy jerseys on Week 15 in Detroit, when the Lions will don gray uniforms for the nationally televised Saturday afternoon contest.