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ENDORSEMENT: Maggie Trevor for Illinois House in the 54th District

Video by Rich Hein

If politics is the art of compromise, it’s time for the voters of the 54th District to move on.

Republican state Rep. Tom Morrison has a poor record of knowing when to bend, while his Democratic challenger, political scientist Maggie Trevor, seems to understand that’s how the system is supposed to work.

“Bipartisanship used to be the norm,” she lamented in an interview.

Morrison voted last year against the budget bill that became law, griping that it wasn’t balanced. But the alternative — a third crazy year with no budget at all — was not an acceptable alternative. Morrison also sponsored a bill that was utterly dismissive of transgender kids, requiring students to use the school restrooms that correspond to the sex they were assigned at birth.

Trevor, whom we endorse, is eloquent on the need to protect the rights and retirement benefits of current government workers, even as our state digs its way out of a financial hole. She favors a graduated income tax and supports abortion rights.

Illinois House 54th District map
Illinois House 54th District map



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