A message to our readers about comics and classifieds in print editions

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Sun-Times newsroom in Chicago’s West Loop, March 27, 2018. | Rich Hein/Sun-Times

Editor’s update: Based on feedback from readers, “Today’s Crossword” is being restored to daily print editions. We appreciate your feedback and thank you for reading the Sun-Times.

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About seven months ago, the Chicago Sun-Times debuted a whole new look in print and online. Since then, we’ve been leading the way on big news stories, from the race for Chicago mayor to the upcoming Nov. 6 elections to coverage of the Jason Van Dyke trial.

Like you, we’re working hard. And part of that involves making some difficult decisions so we can keep delivering you the news you need, when you need it.

Today marks some changes to the comics and classified pages of our Monday-through-Saturday print editions. Rather than three dedicated pages of comics, we’ll be publishing one comics page with the New York Times crossword and interspersing other comics and puzzles throughout the classifieds section. The Daily Bridge Club column will run on the weather page.

Comics and puzzles in our Sunday newspaper will stay exactly the same.

On Mondays through Sundays, we’ll no longer publish the evening TV grid, instead offering subscribers more substantial TV listings and other coverage through TV Weekly magazine.

Lottery results will appear in the sports pages each day in the “by the numbers” section.

Why the changes? We recently surveyed our readers to see what they value and also studied industry trends. Headwinds in the newspaper industry continue to be strong, especially when it comes to newsprint and other production costs. Paring back some comics and making more effective use of our classifieds space will allow us to reinvest in the quality journalism you’ve come to expect.

Our digital news products remain unchanged, and we’re working to improve them every day.

We appreciate your continued readership and support, and we welcome your feedback at (888) 848-4637 or through customerservice@suntimes.com.

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