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Chicago is home to more breweries than any other US city

Chicago has 167 breweries, the most of any other U.S. city, according to a report by the Brewers Association. | AP file photo

Move over, Portland. So long, Denver. Chicago is now the biggest beer city in the country.

Chicago has 167 breweries, more than double the number in 2013 and the most of any other U.S. city.

Denver has the second most with 158 breweries, and Seattle had the third most with 153. San Diego, with 150 breweries, is ahead of Los Angeles, according to a report by the Brewers Association economist Bart Watson.

New York and Los Angeles, the two most populous cities in the country, had 141 and 146 breweries, respectively. Portland, known by some as the craft beer capital of the world, had 139 breweries. The only other city with more than 100 breweries was Philadelphia, with 113.

In 2013, Chicago had 62 breweries and was fifth among U.S. cities. Seattle had the most with 87 followed by Portland with 77 breweries. The two other cities that were ahead of Chicago at the time were San Diego, with 76 breweries, and Denver, with 63.

Breweries have gained so much popularity that they’re increasing in numbers everywhere, said Watson. The number of rural breweries, for instance, has increased by 129 percent.

Watson’s list is based on data collected by the association.

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