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ENDORSEMENT: Donna Miller for Cook Co. board in 6th Dist. Democratic primary

Donna Miller, Cook County Board Democratic primary candidate, is endorsed by the Sun-Times. | Rich Hein/Sun-Times

First off, let us say we are appalled by the suggestion from Crestwood Mayor Louis Presta, who is running in this race, that Cook County should meet budget shortfalls by selling off some of its widely admired forest preserve land. The county has managed to meet its obligations year after year without abandoning this natural heritage, the envy of urban areas across the country.

We endorse Donna Miller, a health care consultant and board chair of Planned Parenthood of Illinois who lives in Lynwood and is married to former state Rep. David Miller. Her priorities are property tax fairness and bringing economic development to the south suburbs.

Patricia Joan Murphy of Crestwood, daughter of former Cook County Commissioner Joan Patricia Murphy, also is running in this U-shaped district in the south end of the county.

When Democrats running for Cook County commissioner in the 6th District visited the Chicago Sun-Times Editorial Board on Feb. 21, we asked them to introduce themselves to voters. Watch Donna Miller’s response: