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ENDORSEMENT: Willie Preston for Ill. House in 31st District Democratic primary

Willie Preston, Illinois House 31st District Democratic primary candidate. | Rich Hein/Sun-Times

In a meeting with the Sun-Times Editorial Board, challenger Willie Preston rightly called out Rep. Mary E. Flowers for her continued support of Cook County Assessor Joe Berrios, who is responsible for property-tax assessments that favor wealthier people over the working class. The assessments have hit hard in the 31st District, which includes the South Side neighborhoods of Ashburn and Auburn Gresham and extends into the southern suburbs.

Preston is an activist who pledges to stand up to party bosses such as Berrios and House Speaker Michael Madigan. We’re convinced he will be an engaged lawmaker who put the needs of the people before all else. Time for a change. He is endorsed over Flowers, who has served in the House for 33 years.

Preston, a union carpenter, promises to push for more hiring of African-American-owned businesses in the state’s procurement process. In his work as an activist, Preston has been vocal about wanting more accountability for police misconduct. He was critical of the county soda-pop tax that was eventually repealed.

When the Democrats running in the 31st Illinois House District primary visited the Chicago Sun-Times Editorial Board on Feb. 16, we asked each to introduce themselves to voters. Watch Willie Preston’s response:

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