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Hit-and-run driver strikes car carrying 5-month-old baby

Sun-Times file photo

A hit and run driver caused a crash after running red light early Monday in the Roseland neighborhood on the Far South Side.

The driver was traveling southbound in a black Cadillac when they ran the red light and struck a Hyundai Sonata about 12:57 a.m. in the 10700 block of South Wentworth Ave., Chicago Police said.

A woman, a man and a 5-month-old were in the Hyundai, which was traveling westbound on 107th Street.

After striking the vehicle, the Cadillac struck a three level residence and caused minimal damage. The driver then drove away from the scene, police said.

The man and woman were taken to Roseland Community Hospital with minor injuries. The baby was not injured, police said.

No one is in custody.