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ENDORSEMENT: Alma Anaya for Cook Co. board in 7th Dist. Democratic primary

Alma E. Anaya, Cook County Board Democratic primary candidate, is endorsed by the Sun-Times. | Rich Hein/Sun-Times

Cook County Democrats divide along a basic dynamic — reformers versus the machine, progressives versus the regulars. The labels are simplistic, and plenty of elected officials are a bit of both, but there you have it.

The dynamic is playing out again in Cook County’s 7th District, where Jesus “Chuy” Garcia is giving up his board seat to run for Congress. Competing in the Democratic primary to replace him are Alma Anaya, Garcia’s longtime aide, and Angeles Sandoval, a Gage Park community activist. Anaya is backed by Garcia and other progressive Democrats; Sandoval, the daughter of state Sen. Martin Sandoval, is supported by her father and other party regulars.

Our endorsement goes to Anaya. She’s earned the job, having already served the district directly for six years as Garcia’s director of administration and constituent services.

Also running is Raul Montes, Jr., a community activist.

When Democrats running for Cook County commissioner in the 7th District visited the Chicago Sun-Times Editorial Board on Feb. 21, we asked them to introduce themselves to voters. Watch Alma Anaya’s response:

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