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Wrigley Field: From snow to sunshine in 3 days

Blue skies and sunshine covered Wrigley Field Thursday. | Madeline Kenney/Sun-Times
Just three days after the Cubs' home opener was snowed out on Monday, it's 70 degrees and sunshine at Wrigley Field on Thursday.

Winter weather caused the Cubs to postpone their home opener Monday. But on Thursday, it was as if the Cubs were playing in a totally new ballpark.

The snow was long removed from Wrigley Field. Three days later, the North Side ballpark radiated in the sun as if it were a new place.

Wrigley Field is a prime example of how unpredictable and bipolar Chicago springs can be.

On Monday, there was a light dusting of snow that covered most of the exposed level-100 seating area. Slush piled up in the aisles and stairwells. On the field, there was roughly three inches of snow and icy conditions.

When Kyle Hendricks threw out the first pitch against the Pirates Thursday, it was 74 degrees with winds blowing at 14 miles per hour northeast. That’s roughly 40 degrees warmer than Monday’s temperatures, which were recorded in the mid-30s with wind chills even colder than that.

Is this a sign that summer is right around the corner? Who really knows in Chicago.