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New Sun-Times video series ‘Food We Love with Linda Yu’ starts this week

Veteran Chicago journalist Linda Yu hosts a new video series for the Sun-Times featuring family food traditions | Ashlee Rezin/Sun-Times

The Chicago Sun Times is excited to announce a new video series called “Food We Love with Linda Yu.” The series features Chicagoans from all walks of life talking with Linda about their family food traditions, special recipes and more. The video segments and recipes will be available on the Sun-Times website starting April 7th.

Linda Yu is a long time Chicago journalist. She anchored the 4pm newscast at ABC7 News for 33 years until retiring in 2016. Yu started developing this video series with the Sun-Times earlier this year.

“I know that many of you have amazing stories about the foods you love. It might be a secret family recipe or something that has been in your family for generations or something that played an important role in your life. I hope you’ll tell me those stories which we might feature in the “Food We Love” segments,” says Yu.

Videos already in the works include celebrity chefs, former TV colleagues, popular food bloggers and many more.

“This is for everybody who likes to eat,” explains Yu. “We are going to do stories from across Chicago but I hope the recipes are also from across the world. I hope you’ll learn something. I hope you’re touched by it.”

If you have a story about a special food tradition that you’d like to share, please email Linda at Be sure to include the recipe, too!