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Working the Story: What it’s been like to cover Loyola Ramblers, Sister Jean

Sister Jean Dolores-Schmidt, the Loyola Ramblers' chaplain, holds up No. 1 as fans chant inside Gentile Arena. | Tyler LaRiviere / Sun-Times

Loyola’s run to the Final Four

“Working the Story” is a video feature of the Chicago Sun-Times that explores how our reporters do their jobs.

From Coach Porter Moser’s game plan to Sister Jean bobblehead sales, in episode #2 of “Working the Story,” Chicago Sun-Times sports reporters talk about the behind-the-scenes work that goes into getting Rambler exclusives, covering the games and making deadlines.

Reporters Steve Greenberg and Madeline Kenney have followed Loyola’s Cinderella journey and are covering the team at the NCAA Tournament, while multimedia journalist Annie Costabile has helped make sure that no stone is left unturned when it comes to the fan story on campus.

Leading our conversation is Sun-Times feature reporter Ji Suk Yi who caught up with all three this week at the team’s media day on the Loyola campus.

Watch what reporters at the Chicago Sun-Times do to get a good sports story

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