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‘Zebra Sisters’ discuss black hockey players, 50/50 Day in Ep. 12

Leslie Baldacci (left) and Mary Mitchell, of the Zebra Sisters podcast, in the Chicago Sun-Times sound booth, Tuesday, Feb. 20, 2018. | Ashlee Rezin/Sun-Times

In Episode 12 of “Zebra Sisters,” a podcast about race relations hosted by columnist Mary Mitchell and former reporter Leslie Baldacci, the hosts discuss the lack of diversity in hockey and the women’s movement.

Mary and Leslie explore why there are so few black hockey players with Sun-Times digital content producer Evan Moore, a player himself who explored the history of racism in the sport for the Chicago Reader.

The hosts are also joined by Brad Erickson, the founder of Inner City Education, an ice hockey and academic tutoring program for disadvantaged youth.

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Then, Leslie and Mary address gender equality issues on 50/50 Day, and Mary explains why she and other black women feel bitterness toward the predominantly white women’s movement.

The episode concludes with the definition of the word “WYPIPO,” as well as its use and tone.

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