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White Sox head groundskeeper: Cubs made ‘right decision’ postponing home opener

Members of the grounds crew clear snow at Wrigley Field Monday. | Nam Y. Huh/Associated Press

The White Sox gave a tip of the hat to their crosstown rivals.

The Cubs postponed their home opener against the Pirates from Monday to Tuesday due to inclement weather and poor field conditions.

While the Cubs decided not to play, the White Sox managed to clean off the two inches of snow at Guaranteed Rate Field and have their field ready for first pitch at 1:30 p.m.

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Some fans decided to troll the Cubs and the team’s grounds crew for not having the field ready, but White Sox head groundkeeper Roger Brossard believes the Cubs made the “right decision” by moving their game to Tuesday.

The Cubs had roughly an inch more of snow on their field due to the “lake effect,” Bossard said.

“They had more snow, so I get it,” he said. “[Cubs head groundskeeper Justin Spillman] was using the watering procedure, too. He’s a very knowledgeable, talented young groundskeeper. When you’ve got more than two inches of snow, when you’re at that three, three and a half level, they made the right call.

“I’m glad it was them and not me. I’m glad I only had the two inches.”