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PODCAST: Cubs-Sox rivalry’s past, present and future

Sun-Times columnists Rick Morrissey and Rick Telander before the podcast. | Sun-Times

Sports fans across Chicago will be watching the White Sox-Cubs series this weekend, so Sun-Times columnists Rick Morrissey and Rick Telander go live from Wrigley Field before the opener with a pair of guests to discuss the past, present and future of Chicago baseball.

Do Cubs fans really hate the White Sox as much as White Sox fans hate the Cubs? And when will the Sox’ rebuilding plan progress to the point that this rivalry features two good teams again? Sun-Times writer Steve Greenberg offers some optimism while pointing out that the animosity might be a bit of a one-way street at this point.

Gordon Wittenmyer, Cubs beat reporter, also sits down with Morrissey to discuss the Cubs’ interest in Manny Machado, which is definitely real, and whether Addison Russell could be the centerpiece of a trade package. Wittenmyer reported earlier this week that the Cubs plan to talk to the Orioles in the coming weeks, but there’s risk in acquiring a superstar rental who’s stated his plans to pursue free agency.

Hear all that and more in a special new episode of “The Two Ricks: Unfiltered,” recorded live at Wrigley Field.