Mike Madigan doesn’t get it on harassment

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House Speaker of the House Mike Madigan. File Photo. (AP Photo/Seth Perlman)

Is there ever going to be a time in Illinois when our politicians make decisions based on the interests of their constituents and not their own political survival?

In the latest brouhaha involving Speaker Mike Madigan, we now have Sen. Dick Durbin weighing in. In response to more allegations from the #metoo movement that are threatening to end the speaker’s reign, he admits that he advised Madigan to make a “…considerable move to show that he gets it.” A lifetime member of [the legislature] shouldn’t have to be told to show that he “gets it.” You either get it, or you don’t. Or you get your powerful friends to jump to your side to spin the mess into conning the rest of us into buying the notion that he “gets it.”

Here’s what I get. Men in power will do anything to stay that way. Poll after poll shows the people of Illinois don’t want to be ruled by the King anymore. Sadly, only a mere handful of voters get to decide if Madigan returns to Springfield, where a bevy of loyal lapdogs ensure he is returned to the highest post.

Scot Sinclair, Third Lake

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Mayoral critique

So, in other words, if I had a job for one or two years while still in school pursuing an advanced degree, that one or two years cannot go on my resume

[“Fact-check: Chicago’s potty-mouthed mayor was once a preschool teacher,” June 11]? Is that what the BGA is saying in an article ‎criticizing Mayor Rahm Emanuel?

According to the BGA, the mayor is improperly enhancing his resume by taking credit for serving as a teaching assistant while in college. I have no dispute or problem with politicians and political candidates being scrutinized for what they have said, written and accomplished or failed to accomplish. But this article is really stretching it.

George Pfeifer, Evanston

Net Neutrality essential

Net neutrality now lies in the hands of the House of Representatives after the Senate overturned the FCC’s decision to repeal net neutrality. What is at stake is human rights being taken away from Americans by censoring free speech. This will not only endanger Americans, but everyone around the world.

Can you imagine if the following events had been censored either in the news or on social media: the shooting of college students at Kent State, the Rohingya massacre or the police brutality of Catalan’s independence movement? Or imagine being followed for any social media posts that the powers of be either do not approve of or feel is not politically correct.

In order to stand up for human rights, Americans must create enough of a demand for restoring net neutrality by calling their local congressman’s office and then ask them to vote in favor of net neutrality. What Americans are up against is lobbying from big companies such as Comcast, Verizon, AT&T and Spectrum. The Trump administration has not disclosed how much money the FCC has received from them.

If congressmen feel that there is enough of a demand, only then will they set up a vote. This is known as forcing a vote and is essential for upholding human rights in America.

Abrar Qureshi, Willowbrook

Fossil fuel greed

I can’t believe the extent of greed shown by right-wing radio fanatics like Stephanie Trussell [“Fossil fuel divestment would make Illinois’ pension crisis even worse,” June 8]. Do these people really care more about a few more dollars in profit than the health and welfare of their descendants?

Climate change is here, it’s real, and it affects everyone on the planet. The next few generations will pay the price for our actions or our inaction. Renewable energy has a huge profit potential, also, and will help to mitigate the effects of our current and past reliance on fossil fuels. Increasing investment in safe, clean energy sources will help save lives and can produce a thriving economy.

Greg Baum, Oak Brook

Giving away Eastern Europe

For Linda Chavez to state that FDR helped to give away Eastern Europe to Russia is way stupid. Russia was rolling into all those countries in any case and there would be no way to stop them unless you wanted 10 more years of wars.

Her commentary is a sign of the times: poor education, lack of knowledge of history, and sophomoric writing. But thanks for the free article. Now I know your paper is not worth the ink it is written on.

We have a stupid POTUS, so equally gullible, stupid, untutored, cowardly op-eds are par for the course in this Alice in Wonderful Land of zombies and their cohorts.

Mike Mihaljevich, Ashland, Oregon

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