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Del Monte vegetables recalled after parasite outbreak

One of the vegetable trays recalled by Del Monte | Federal Drug Administration

The food company Del Monte has recalled vegetable trays linked to an outbreak of parasite-related illnesses in the midwest.

The infected 28-ounce “small vegetable trays” contained broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, celery and dill dip. They were distributed to Illinois, Indiana and other midwestern states. The trays were believed by several agencies to be behind a cluster of Cyclosporiasis illnesses, according to the Illinois Department of Public Health.

No case of the parasitic illnesses has been reported in Illinois, according to IDPH.

The vegetable trays were no longer available on store shelves. Everyone who purchased the trays was urged to throw them away.

As of Friday, 78 cases of the illness were reported in Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan, according to the Food and Drug Administration. Officials haven’t determined which ingredient in the food trays was responsible for the outbreak.

People infected with Cyclosporiasis develop diarrhea and other flu-like symptoms after days of weeks, according to the FDA.