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Call for nominations: Sun-Times to honor companies making jobs in Chicago

The Chicago Sun-Times 'Impact Chicago' awards will pay tribute to businesses choosing to expand operations in Chicago. | Graphic by Akiko Slaughter/Sun-Times

Chicago is a vibrant, dynamic city filled with creative, hard-working and caring people.

Too often, that part of this city’s story is overlooked or ignored. The Chicago Sun-Times aims to change that.

Today, we’re launching “Impact Chicago.” It’s an opportunity to recognize people, companies and other organizations doing extraordinary things here.

“Since no one covers Chicago like the Sun-Times, we’re in a unique position to recognize the positive impact we see across the city,” said Sun-Times CEO Edwin Eisendrath.

And we’d like your help.

Chicago is home to a dozen Fortune 500 companies and hundreds of promising start-ups. | Sun-Times Photo
Chicago is home to a dozen Fortune 500 companies and hundreds of promising start-ups. | Sun-Times Photo

Who qualifies for an ‘Impact Chicago’ award

The Chicago Sun-Times is seeking nominations of companies that are creating or have recently created a significant number of new jobs. To qualify for recognition, the business may be headquartered in the city, suburbs — or even out of state — but must have shown a strong commitment to Chicago by relocating or expanding operations here. Recognition will also be given to a select group of companies that have implemented innovative jobs skills training or hiring programs.

Video by Marcus DiPaola

Key dates for the competition

The deadline to submit your nomination online is Monday, July 9.

The winners will be announced in early August. We’ll honor the top companies at an awards ceremony in September.

“We all know the city faces big challenges, but we see what happens when people work hard together to make things better. Creating jobs and opportunities — that’s something to celebrate,” Eisendrath said.

But that’s just the start. In the coming months, the Sun-Times will be recognizing the achievements of a wide array of the city’s best and brightest — all with your help.

Interested in submitting a company for consideration?

Get started by answering a few questions on the Chicago Sun-Times ‘Impact Chicago’ nomination form. Click the button below to access the form.