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White fawn in central Illinois: Really rare find any time

An apparent albino fawn spotted Sunday in centrail Illinois.
Provided/Curt Pazdro

Curt Pazdro messaged the photo above on Sunday and noted the white fawn was “a great find.”

Any white deer is a great find. A fawn seems even more special, especially one that appears to be an albino.

A farmer friend and Pazdro found it while spraying crops.

It is haunting.

In his public posting, Pazdro noted:

Once in a lifetime find…they don’t last long in the wild …to easy for predators to find

In case you are wondering, it is illegal to kill or take a white deer any time in Illinois.

Pazdro is the father of Wyatt, the Minooka High School bass fisherman who finished in the top 20 each of his first two years.

Good weekend for the Pazdros.

The day before, Wyatt and regular partner, All-American Alec Berens, who is headed to McKendree University with a bass fishing scholarship, won the IBN bass tournament Saturday on the Des Plaines River.