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Chicago area workers now handling all Sun-Times customer service calls

Chicago Sun-Times subscribers are now hearing familiar voices whenever they phone the newspaper’s customer service number — the voices of other hardworking Chicagoans.

That’s because the news organization as of June 1 began fielding calls about its resurgent digital and print products using Chicago-area workers. Such calls previously had been handled by workers overseas.

The switch isn’t just about providing improved service to readers, Sun-Times Chief Operating Officer Nykia Wright said. It’s about bringing jobs back to the U.S. and being a “local paper with local people on staff to serve our customers.”

Handling customer calls locally also will save money. Using Chicago area workers, Wright said, “debunks the myth that migrating jobs overseas always is more economical.”

The Sun-Times has added thousands of electronic subscribers since launching a digital subscription system in April. There are two payment options: $7.49 a month, or a more economical $74.99 a year.

Print subscribers also are entitled to full digital access, which includes new podcasts and video series, such as “The Grid” neighborhood guides and Linda Yu’s “Food We Love.” New subscribers can sign up for 7-day home newspaper delivery and digital access for $19.99 a month.

To order either a print or digital subscription, call the Sun-Times at (888) 848-4637. Subscriptions also can be purchased online at