Paul Vallas joins mayoral referendum effort

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Paul Vallas speaks in 2013 after Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn, right, introduced him as his choice for running mate. Vallas now is joining an effort by Quinn to pass a referendum that could deny Mayor Rahm Emanuel a third term. Vallas also is running for mayor. | Sun-Times files

Is V for victory?

Mayoral hopeful Paul Vallas is on board.

He’s signed up! Vallas tells Sneed he’s joining former Gov. Pat Quinn in his bid to place a referendum on the ballot in November that would limit a Chicago mayor to only two terms in office.

It could mean Rahm’s last term in office.

• Translation: Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who is running for his third term, would be out of the running if the referendum succeeds.

“Yes. Yes. I am even going to help Pat on the petition drive,” said Vallas, a major mayoral contender — one of seven opponents in the anti-Rahm firmament.

“Pat asked me to help him with his petition drive to get term limits on the ballot and I agreed,” added Vallas, who was Quinn’s running mate in his failed re-election bid in 2014.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel may not appear to be sweating it.

But Sneed suspects there was a little moisture on his brow Thursday.

That’s when this column exclusively tipped former Quinn had already gotten half of the 100,000 signatures required to place a referendum on the Nov. 6 ballot.

“I completely support Pat Quinn’s initiative — and I support term limits whether it impacts this election or not, as this is not about Emanuel,” said Vallas.

“Term limits may be the only way to achieve meaningful campaign finance reform by preventing endless incumbency.”


Added Vallas: “If he [Quinn] is successful in getting it on the ballot, Chicagoans will have three opportunities to change leadership: the referendum, the election and the runoff.”

Rahm’s minions are already challenging the legality of a term-limits referendum, which could end his mayoral career.

“Look, if Rahm’s phalanx of opponents dispatch their supporters to get those term-limit petitions signed lickety-split, the state’s first binding referendum could get on the ballot,” said a top Dem.

“And if the referendum passes on Nov. 6 with a one-vote majority, Rahm, who is seeking a third term in office next Feb. 26, is out!”

Stay tuned.

Royal kerfuffle . . .

Where is Waldo and his woman?

Oh, bother.

Since their royal wedding last month, Prince Harry and his bride, Meghan (nee Markle) seem to have disappeared under a mattress.

At first peek, TMZ said they were vacationing in Canada, which was nixed by a Canadian tabloid.

Recently, the London Daily Mail suggests they may be honeymooning in a castle in Ireland.

The tabloids are in a frenzy with being outfoxed!

Any suggestions?

The Spade legacy . . .

The apparent suicide of fashion maven Kate Spade, 55, whose iconic purses could be found in Hillary Clinton’s closet, brought back this memory.

• To wit: Mayor Emanuel, who is this/close to the Clintons, dispatched his wife, Amy Rule, to get a 36th wedding anniversary present at a Kate Spade store in 2011 for Hillary from Bill — who was in town, but feared Bill might forget.

It wasn’t a Kate Spade purse Amy chose. It was Kate Spade jewelry.

The Leighton legacy . . .

Powerful U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) — who jumped aboard a bandwagon in January hoping to grant the wish of a 105-year-old World War II veteran and highly respected former Illinois judge, George N. Leighton, who passed away Wednesday — is still pursuing Leighton’s dream of being buried as a soldier in Arlington National Cemetery.

“While this is a complex issue, I am working to find any way I can help,” said Durbin.

Tubelings . . .

He’s coming back!

Actor Kelsey Grammer, who once portrayed a Chicago mayor in the TV drama “Boss,” hits town this summer to begin filming a new FOX series, “Proven Innocent,” at Cinespace Film Studios.

Hole-in-one . . .


Watch out for a makeover of a popular business golf event in Chicago.

• Translation: The Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce is officially renaming its annual golf event to the Jerry Roper Annual Corporate Golf Outing, in honor of its late president and CEO Jerry Roper, who led the chamber from 1993 to 2013 and passed away in 2015.

Set for August 21 at The Glen Club in Glenview, Jerry’s wife, Carol, tells Sneed: “Jerry was never concerned with golf scores or performance, only about the camaraderie golf creates. He’d be so honored.”

Sneedlings . . .

Today’s birthdays: Kanye West, 41; Nancy Sinatra, 78; and Jerry Stiller, 91.

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