Watch: Joy of Mom founder Vicki Reece tackles “mom guilt”

SHARE Watch: Joy of Mom founder Vicki Reece tackles “mom guilt”

There’s not a training course you can get everything you need to know to be a good parent. But as you’re being mom and looking out for everybody, you also have to remember that you need to look out for yourself, too. That’s important — and you mustn’t let mom guilt get in the way.

In this video column, Vicki Reece from Joy of Mom is here to give you some steps on how to take care of yourself and acknowledging and handling your mom guilt. It’s important to remember that taking a little time out to look after yourself doesn’t make you a bad mom — just like every other mom out there.

Make time for yourself says Joy of Mom Founder Vicki Reece. | Sun-Times Archives

Make time for yourself says Joy of Mom Founder Vicki Reece. | Sun-Times Archives

Transcript of Vicki Reece

Hey there. I’m Vicki Reece from Joy of Mom for the Sun-Times.

I’m a work-in-progress on many things. And here’s one of them. Remembering to take care of ourselves. Being a mom, we know, first-hand, the meaning of 24/7. What we also know (and ignore) is that we need a day here and there to recharge our batteries.

How often do we remember that? I’d guess… rarely or never? That age-old expression about “putting your oxygen mask on before helping others…” is true — and truly ignored. Before the glow of Mother’s Day wears off, let your family know that you can really use a day just for you.

No mom guilt. I have to repeat that last part. No mom guilt.

Here’s some easy steps:

  • Acknowledge you need it. And that it’s OKAY 🙂
  • Find something that really is just for you.
  • It doesn’t have to be expensive or elaborate. I find the best things and moments are simple, are low to no cost and feel like ahhhh. It can be curling up and reading that book you’ve been wanting to, or coffee in bed and catching up on (or a little binge-watching) your favorite shows.
  • A mom guilt-free morning, afternoon or day. Sometimes, time for yourself is not only just what you need, but oh so good for your precious tribe too.

I have to remember this and practice it. It doesn’t come easy for me. But that’s the beautiful thing about being a work-in-progress.

Here’s to remembering to take care of ourselves! I’m Vicki Reece for the Sun-Times.


Joy of Mom is an on-line community where people connect over issues relating to motherhood and family. Check back soon for another Vicki Reece video commentary on everything mom.


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