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ENDORSEMENT: Howard B. Brookins Jr. for 21st Ward alderman

21st Ward aldermanic candidate and incumbent Howard B. Brookins Jr. at the Sun-Times Jan. 25. | Rich Hein/Sun-Times

Southwest Side

Four years ago, we did not endorse Howard B. Brookins Jr. for re-election because his chief of staff had been recently convicted of bribery. We wondered whether another shoe might drop, perhaps a shoe worn by Brookins. That did not happen and so, given the weakness of the candidate field again this year, we endorse Brookins now. We’ve always respected the way he battled to bring a Walmart to the 21st Ward. We agreed with the activists that Walmart should be a better employer, but we agreed with Brookins that the ward desperately needed jobs of any kind — and a place for folks to shop. Brookins has been too dependable a vote for the current mayor, and we encourage him to be more independent. Also running is Marvin McNeil, a retired city zoning code enforcer whom we endorsed last time; Joseph C. Ziegler Jr., a small business owner, and Patricia A. Foster.



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