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ENDORSEMENT: David Moore for 17th Ward alderman

17th Ward incumbent Ald. David H. Moore. | Rich Hein/Sun-Times

Auburn Gresham, West Englewood

Four years ago, David Moore was one of three candidates for alderman in this South Side ward. We endorsed one of the other folks. Moore, who won that race, is our choice this time in a two-way race against challenger Raynetta Greenleaf, a first-time candidate. Moore has proven to be a capable, committed alderman with a really big independent streak. He’s worked to improve the relationship between police and his constituents, and has brought some — though not enough — new businesses to the community. Moore’s “big idea” to boost economic development is a south suburban airport, but his enthusiasm for that dormant idea seems misplaced. His ward needs a more feasible and immediate shot in the arm right now.



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