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ENDORSEMENT: Marty Quinn for 13th Ward alderman

13th Ward Ald. Marty Quinn is endorsed for re-election by the Sun-Times. | Sun-Times file

Southwest Side

Given the recent dark news stories about Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan — how he and another politician may have worked a tag-team shakedown on a local businessman — we had to think long and hard about endorsing his hand-picked alderman for re-election. But here’s the thing: Marty Quinn is a really good alderman. He tends to his ward’s business. He works hard. He has railed about smelly soundproof windows near Midway Airport and the disruptions of Airbnb rentals. We suspect Quinn could have acted more decisively when his brother, political aide Kevin Quinn, was accused of sexual harassment. But let’s be honest: it was his brother. We also take seriously a federal lawsuit filed by his opponent in this race, David Krupa, who accuses Quinn and Madigan of trying to muscle him off the ballot. But consider Krupa. He is 19, once held a stupid “Hillary for Prison” poster outside a polling place, and has been accused of abuse by a former high school girlfriend. In 2017, she was granted an emergency order of protection in 2017, which later was extended for nine months. We endorse Marty Quinn.



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