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Man charged with unlawfully possessing rifle, 800 armor-piercing rounds

Ryan Harnish was arrested after officers found the items in a duffle bag during a traffic stop in Aurora, police said.

Assault Rifle and ammunition found during traffic stop.
The rifle and ammunition police said where in the trunk of Harnish’s vehicle.
Aurora police

A convicted felon from South Elgin is accused of unlawfully possessing a weapon and hundreds of armor-piercing rounds in West Suburban Aurora.

Ryan Harnish, 38, is charged with two counts of aggravated unlawful use of a weapon, one count of unlawful use or possession of weapons or ammunition by a convicted felon, unlawful use of firearm projectiles and possession of a firearm without an FOID card, according to Aurora police.

Ryan Harnish faces several felony charges
Ryan Harnish
Aurora police

On July 9, officers found a large duffel bag with a rifle and more than 800 rounds of ammunition inside the trunk of his vehicle during a traffic stop, police said.

Harnish admitted to investigators that he had been in possession of the rifle and ammunition even though he wasn’t elligible for an FOID card because of prior felony convictions, police said.

He allegedly told investigators he was holding the items for a friend and was on his way to delivering them to someone in Aurora when he was stopped, police said.

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