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Truck driver crashes, spills pesticide in North Barrington

Emergency crews determined there was no immediate risk to the community.

A truck driver spilled pesticides in a crash
A truck driver crashed in North Barrington July 2, 2019, spilling 75 gallons of pesticides
USA Today File Photo

A trucker spilled 75 gallons of pesticides Tuesday in suburban North Barrington after falling asleep at the wheel and crashing into a tree.

According to the Lake County sheriff’s office, the 27-year-old man fell asleep at the wheel about 2:25 p.m. and crashed his 2007 Ford truck in the 100 block of Carriage Road.

The truck was carrying pesticides for a mosquito abatement company, the sheriff’s office said. 75 gallons were spilled as a result to the crash.

Fire officials responding to the accident determined there to be no threat to the community, saying that the pesticide never went airborne, the sheriff’s office said. The mosquito abatement company contacted an environmental service to clean up the spill.

No one was injured in the crash, the sheriff’s office said.