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Slash, Myles Kennedy show powerful chemistry at Lollapalooza

The guitarist fends off fan requests for Guns N’ Roses songs — mostly

Slash performs with Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators on Day 4 of Lollapalooza in Grant Park, Aug, 4, 2019.
Santiago Covarrubias/For the Sun-Times

If only the crowd at Slash’s Lollapalooza set could have heeded Childish Gambino’s advice from the other night — “If you just came here to hear your favorite song, go home and do that.” The chants for Guns N’ Roses songs throughout the first half of the set were obnoxious at best.

While the group, featuring the exceptional vocalist Myles Kennedy and the equally enigmatic backing band The Conspirators, did deliver on the requests with GNR’s “Nightrain,” the rest of the set was really where attention should be paid.

Though Guns N’ Roses reformed in 2016 on the cheekily named “Never In This Lifetime” tour, during the most tumultuous years of the band’s history, Slash assembled several supergroups and solo projects including radio favorites Velvet Revolver and Slash’s Snakepit. But he’s worked most consistently with Kennedy & The Conspirators since 2012, and the undeniable chemistry has paid off in a series of hits like “Driving Rain,” “World on Fire” and “Anastasia,” all of them featuring the trademark intricate solo numbers from one of the greatest guitarists in rock history.

Slash, dressed in his iconic top hat and jumping across the stage, delivered them in perfect form on this night but was fine to step away from the spotlight and give it to the other members in the band as well, most notably Kennedy, who has an impeccable vocal register (you might remember him showing off these chops in the 2001 flick “Rock Star”).

Guns N’ Roses have been making headlines again recently for a number of festivals they will play still this year, but trust that seeing Slash and company on their intimate club tour is just as much an experience.