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Good news for America: Trump still relegated to scrawling on bathroom walls

As long as the former president lies about everything, Facebook may continue to ban him. And he will always lie about everything.

An independent oversight board ruled Wednesday that Facebook was justified in suspending Trump’s accounts.

Donald Trump should be banned from any form of social media other than scrawling on bathroom walls.

And even then he should be made to wash it off when he gets caught.

An independent oversight board ruled Wednesday that Facebook was justified in suspending Trump’s accounts, which is good news for a non-crazy America. Trump is nothing but a lying machine, with his biggest lie — the overwhelmingly refuted claim that the 2020 election was stolen from him — doing a terrific job of tearing up the country.

Facebook will have to make its case again in six months if it wants to continue to ban Trump, the oversight board ruled, because Facebook has never banned anybody permanently. Periodic reviews will be necessary. But this should present no obstacle to keeping Trump shut out, not as long as Facebook’s ticket for admission is that he stop telling lies. Trump is incapable of that.

In the meantime, Trump will have to continue to rely on a passel of surrogates, better known as the “Republican Party,” to spread his lies for him. They’ve been doing an excellent job of it so far, pushing the lie that the election was stolen or staying cowardly mum while sticking pitchforks into the few party leaders who dare to say otherwise.

They booed Sen. Mitt Romney in Utah last week. They’re fixing to remove Rep. Liz Cheney as the House GOP’s conference chair. And here in Illinois, a lot of Rep. Adam Kinzinger’s own relatives won’t even talk to him.

The cult of Trump trumps family ties.

What a relief that Trump will be banned from Facebook for awhile longer — and let’s keep it that way.

What a relief that he can go on spilling his bile all he wants — on his new blog, Fox News and other forms of bathroom walls — but he won’t have the social media megaphone he needs to really sell the lies and hate.

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