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Behold this Divvy bike mountain near Wrigley Field after a full-capacity Cubs game

Nature is healing.

As full-capacity Cubs games returned over the weekend, fans packed into Wrigley Field and nearby bars without restrictions for the first time in over a year.

How did all those people get there? Apparently a lot of them rode Divvy bikes – and left them in an increasingly large pile at one of the bike share stations near the stadium.

Wrigleyville was busy Sunday as the Cubs finished off a sweep of the Cardinals, ending a weekend of sold-out crowds after the city gave the green light for businesses to operate without restrictions for the first time since the start of the pandemic.

And yes, everyone’s excited the city is getting back to normal, but this Divvy bike parking job may have gone a bit too far?

We totally get it. Gameday parking can always be a hassle, and yes, it can take some time to get around even just on foot. But somewhere along the way, it became too much for the Divvy bikers, who ultimately resorted to abandoning their bikes any which way.

How did the bikes all get there? It’s clear the stall is seated conveniently right next to Wrigley Field, but getting the mountain to must have taken some dedication. We have questions.

Maybe even more impressive than the mountain itself — as swiftly as it came, so too, it was gone by Monday morning.

The Divvy bike stall station was cleared up by Monday morning.
Katelyn Haas/Sun-Times