Katelyn Haas

The Republican gubernatorial candidate’s claim elicited a strong response on social media.
Chicago follows behind New York City, several Texas cities and Indianapolis, among others.
The Chicago rapper will close out the festival’s Sunday entertainment lineup.
With winter weather delaying flights and COVID-19 spurring staff shortages, many travelers returning to the city Sunday or early Monday waited hours just to get their luggage.
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There have been many complaints in recent years about dirty conditions at Chicago Public Schools’ classrooms and lunchrooms. Here’s all of the Sun-Times’ latest reporting on CPS’ custodial issues and how it has responded to complaints.
In August, Mayor Lori Lightfoot introduced a mandate under which all city employees, including police officers, are required to get vaccinated for COVID-19. Here’s all of the Sun-Times’ latest reporting on the city’s dispute with the Fraternal Order of Police over the mandate.
The music festival will start its live stream at 1 p.m. on Thursday.
He’s former Chicagoan Chris Witaske, who will also be among the cast of the new show.