Telephone conversation between Fidel Marquez and Anne Pramaggiore | ComEd Exhibit 71-T

August 7, 2018 call between Fidel Marquez and Anne Pramaggiore.

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CASE TITLE: United States v. McClain, et al.


ACTIVITY: Telephone conversation between Fidel Marquez and Anne


DATE: August 7, 2018

TIME: 10:40 a.m.


MARQUEZ: We had a, we had a solar forum yesterday where, got developers connecting with our work force, uh, partners. Um, I think it was extremely, extremely well attended. And we had Sandoval and Will Davis both speak at it, I moderated a little session with them talking about the importance-


MARQUEZ: -of diversity and hiring to the developers and why it’s important to them. Why it’s important to Illinois, and things like that too. Um, and we had a panel of the developers and um, you know some, some pointed questions about the process at the ICC level and how developers become certified or contractors become certified. ICC not being transparent. Um, hard to find information and it’s not being updated uh frequently you know so the, it got down to that kind of, of, of, uh, say process issues where um they feel that uh, uh just to even get information um is, is difficult. Especially for small companies, unlike large ones which have staffs that that’s all they follow and look at and, and so forth so. Variety of uh, of questions, uh-


MARQUEZ: —throughout the day.

MARQUEZ: That’s when Sandoval, I was sitting next to him and he goes uh, “So, I heard uh Juan Ochoa’s joining the ComEd board.”

PRAMAGGIORE: Why has he heard that cause that bothers me.

(Simultaneous conversation.)

MARQUEZ: I, I, I don’t know.

PRAMAGGIORE: We have not made it official.

MARQUEZ: I don’t know.

PRAMAGGIORE: And (unintelligible)-

MARQUEZ: And, and I said, “Who?” “Juan Ochoa.” I says, “I’m not aware of that.” I says, “I’m not involved in those discussions, this is news to me.” He goes, “Yeah, yeah, you know and he’s part of that cabal.”


MARQUEZ: I said, “What cabal?” So I, yeah he was uh, “You know he’s part of the Chuy, Luis,” what’d he say? Chuy, Luis, Chuy, Luis, and somebody else cabal. Um.

PRAMAGGIORE: I talked to Juan last week, and I specifically said, you know, this is not official yet. We’ve not made a public, I mean he can’t go run telling that. There are like legal issues associated with this.

MARQUEZ: (Sigh.)

PRAMAGGIORE: And, so I hope he’s not going around tellin’ people because I told him, you know, “We’ve got paperwork to do to make this official.” But I did let him know that we were proceeding forward um that we, you know, were going to extend an offer for him to join the board. Eh I needed to set up a, you know, meeting with him and Joe. That’s what Chris told me to do so that’s one of the reasons I wanted to call you is, I talked to Joe yesterday and I said, “Hey, you know, how do you want to do this?,” and he’s like, “Well, what do you think?”and I said, “I think you and Fidel should do it.” I said, “You could have me along but I don’t think I add any value,” but I said, “I think you want Fidel there just because his connection to the Chicago Latino community. I, I think, you know, h—, he’ll kinda know, he’ll be able to navigate in case there’s sort of, you know, areas of sensitivity that you should be aware of just like this,” you know, Sandoval.


PRAMAGGIORE: Um, uh, yeah so, so one of the things I was gonna ask is if you could coordinate with Juan and Joe?


PRAMAGGIORE: Um, to set up a, a dinner.


PRAMAGGIORE: Um, I’m going to get To—I’ve already notified Tom, but I gotta get him workin’ on it, and then somebody has to notify Jessie, and this is what bothers me is that this is happening and, and we haven’t notified Jessie, so I’m gonna talk to Bill Von Hoene about that but, Joe kinda warned me that Bill is really like really through the roof on this. He’s like, “Oh, you know, he has a criminal record,” which I, he doesn’t. It’s, you know, he’s got some stuff but, you know, it’s not like he’s a—Anyway I, it’s, you know, eh, I, you know. I said to Joe, ”Well what is, you know, what am I s—, what am I, you know, what are we supposed to do with this?” And it looks like it’s, it was, it’s a heck of a—what a luxury you know to be able to be incensed about this. You know? I don’t have the luxury of being incensed about it. Right thing for the company is to deal with it. So, we need to move forward so anyway, I’m gonna have to deal with that. It doesn’t make me happy. I, I don’t know why, you know, cause I know what his wrath feels like and I don’t, you know.


PRAMAGGIORE: Not feelin’ like I deserve it or need to have to deal with it.

MARQUEZ: Deal with it?



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