Telephone conversation between Michael McClain and Michael Madigan | ComEd Exhibit 15

Michael McClain and Michael Madigan discuss Juan Ochoa.

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CASE TITLE: United States v. McClain, et al.


Activity: Telephone conversation between Michael McClain and Michael Madigan

DATE: May 2, 2018

Time: 11:02 a.m.




MCCLAIN: Hey Speaker, how are you?

MADIGAN: I’m good, I’m good Mike. How are you?

MCCLAIN: Good, good.

MADIGAN: Can you talk Mike?

MCCLAIN: I can. I’m in the car, but I have headphones on and there’s no one else in the car.

MADIGAN: Okay. Uh, you, you left some notes for me last night and one of them was concerned with Juan Ochoa.

MCCLAIN: Yes, so um, they’ve got just a little bit of push back. I guess Juan’s had some financial problems in the past and stuff like that, and then there’s some guys that are doing the due diligence wanting to know if Jesse Ruiz would like to come back on the board. And so, Anne asked me to talk to you about um, a board member gets paid 78 grand a year, is, is it important to you for Juan to be on the board? And if it is, she’ll keep pushing, if it’s not, you’re just trying to help him out, then she’ll try to find something that would compensate him equally with that.

MADIGAN: What would that mean Mike?

MCCLAIN: I don’t know and he, she didn’t know, but she said she’d find something. Not, not a full-time job, it, it would not be a full-time job.

MADIGAN: Mhm. And Mike, a board member gets paid how much?

MCCLAIN: 78 thousand.

MADIGAN: (Laughs.) Maybe I’ll take the appointment.

MCCLAIN: (Laughs.) You know it’s sort of like uh, um, Frank Clark on Waste Management Board or on the uh, the uh, Insurance Company Board. Um, you know, I mean, he’s making more money now than he ever thought he’d ever make in his life. And he still, his hand still shakes when he writes a check. (Laughing.)

MCCLAIN: In, in his mind he’s still poor.

MADIGAN: Yeah. Mike, I would suggest that we continue to support Juan Ochoa.


MADIGAN: Um, but keep me advised as to how much push back there is.

MCCLAIN: Right, I will. And she says sh, it’s none from her and none from Chris Crane, it’s just uh, you know, uh, the second and third tier

MADIGAN: Yep, yep.

MCCLAIN: -people, right.

MADIGAN: Sure, yeah, yep, right.


MADIGAN: That’s all I’ve got.

MCCLAIN: Okay. And y, and you understood the one about, it’s gonna be at the Chicago Club on 81?

MADIGAN: Yeah, I adjust

MCCLAIN: -Van Buren.

MADIGAN: -adjusted.

MCCLAIN: Okay, good, okay.

MADIGAN: Alright.

MCCLAIN: Hey uh, that, that was very nice last night. I got text messages, both from Frank and John, about how much they enjoyed those meals with you and


MCCLAIN: -uh, and they look forward to the next one


MCCLAIN: -and uh, it, it was very nice of you.

MADIGAN: Yep. No it’s always a good time.

MCCLAIN: Yep. They, they, they keep the conversation going.

MADIGAN: Yeah they do, right, right. And um, there was one time where Frank said that if we went to a different place he could pay. Uh, it’s the Metropolitan Club, but the service was terrible, the food wasn’t so good, so. I mean there’s nothing wrong with what you get there at the Union League Club. It’s not the greatest, but there’s nothing wrong with it.

MCCLAIN: Right, right. And, and John and I can buy. We just need, John’s actually a member and I, I’m a reciprocal from the Sangamo Club so


MCCLAIN: -We can spread it around.

MADIGAN: Alright.


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