Test your knowledge of Chicago mayors with our 18-question quiz

How well do you know the mayor? Put your knowledge to the test in our 18-question Chicago mayor quiz.

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Chicago mayors of the past include, clockwise from top left, Harold Washington, Richard M. Daley, Jane Byrne, Richard J. Daley, Lori Lightfoot and Rahm Emanuel.

How well do you know your Chicago mayors?

On Monday, May 15, Brandon Johnson will be sworn in as mayor of Chicago.

There’s much history in the office of the mayor with lots of random facts, figures and historical minutiae. There have been assassinations, resignations, and countless fights with city councils.

In the city’s 186-year history, counting interim and acting mayors, he will be the 57th mayor. However, he’s only the 48th person to serve as mayor.

The length of the mayor’s term has changed. For the first 30 years of existence, the mayor served for one year each term. Then it was a two-year position until setting into the current four-year term in 1907, with no term limits.

Because of that fact, seven men were elected in nonconsecutive terms, giving Chicago 57 mayoral administrations, but 48 people who have served as mayor.

Test your knowledge of Chicago history and see how good your mayoral knowledge is.

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