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Familia de niño que se ahogó en el Río Chicago presenta demanda contra compañías

Víctor, de La Villita, estaba en la lancha con sus padres, tres hermanos y amigos de la familia en un crucero por el río.

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Family of boy who drowned after boat capsized in Chicago River sues tugboat, barge operators

"There’s no day that I don’t wake up and hope to see him there," said Mariana Ochoa, whose 7-year-old son, Victor, drown last summer.

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‘We pretty much killing ourselves’ — In the face of violence, these 4 Chicagoans aim to bring peace

Pastor Donovan Price, Olumide Olupitan, Tyrone Muhammad and Derrick Durr each has stepped up to do something to help people cope with loss, stay off the streets, find a better way.