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Tessa Weinberg
The board says it doesn’t have the authority to enforce an executive order barring lobbyists from contributing to a mayor’s political committee.
Chicago Ald. Deborah Silverstein, state Sen. Sara Feigenholtz, and state Rep. Bob Morgan said Brandon Johnson’s support of a cease-fire resolution showed “disrespect” for the Jewish community.
Some Chicago City Council members urged more oversight of which projects Johnson’s plan would fund, while supporters said it would be a much-needed boon to housing and city development.
La decisión de la Corte Suprema de Illinois concretiza el referéndum en la boleta electoral, que pregunta si la Ciudad de Chicago debería aumentar un impuesto sobre la venta de propiedades de lujo para recaudar ingresos para enfrentar la falta de vivienda.
The Illinois Supreme Court denied an effort to block the ballot question regarding tax rates on property sales.
The groups want the court to remove a question from the March 19 primary ballot that asks voters if they approve an increased sales tax on high-end properties.
A Cook County judge ruled the ballot question is invalid. But advocates and opponents say voters should still weigh in on the referendum.
Voters would be asked to authorize the City Council to alter the real estate transfer tax and use the proceeds to generate $100 million a year to combat homelessness.
Johnson’s signature plan would rely on letting dozens of the city’s tax increment financing districts expire, using that money to repay the debt.