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Sun-Times' Expert Picks: Bears at Lions on Thanksgiving

The Sun-Times’ experts weigh in on the Bears’ Thanksgiving matchup against the Detroit Lions, and it doesn’t look good for the visitors.


Lions 31-17

There is no reason to believe the Bears can win this game, other than the Lions haven’t scored a touchdown the past two games. Then again, the Lions’ past two games were against the Cardinals and the Patriots, two of the best teams in the league, and not against the Bears. So, no, not much of a reason to believe. Season: 5-6


Lions 27-20

I feel competent about my picks once again, having soared over .500 by stating the Bears would beat the lowly Bucs last Sunday. Have the Bears become who we thought they were? Mmm, no. We once thought Super Bowl. Now we’re thinking 5-7 after losing to the Lions in Ford Field. Jay, say hello to my little Suh. Season: 6-5


Lions 23-20

There are reasons to believe that the Bears can win. The Lions aren’t as good as their record and they have a history of collapsing at this time of year. Their offense also is underachieving just like the Bears’. But the feel-good vibes for the Bears after two wins over bad teams only go so far. Detroit’s defense is one of the league’s best. It may not be able to stop Tom Brady and the red-hot Patriots, but it can handle Jay Cutler and Co. Season: 4-7


Lions 27-20

The comfortable environs of Ford Field’s domed stadium is a good place for the Bears to jump-start their struggling offense. But they’re also facing Ndamukong Suh and the Lions’ third-ranked defense. It’s hard to envision the Bears’ winning that battle on a short week. But anything’s possible with the Lions. Season: 7-4


Lions 24-18

The Lions losing on Thanksgiving is, at least this century, as horrible a tradition as canned cranberry sauce. (By the way, bring a cup of water and ½ cup sugar to a boil, add fresh cranberries, cover and simmer for 10 minutes. Add orange zest or pomegranate. You’re welcome). Anyway, the next good team the Bears beat will be the first since Week 2. Season: 5-6


Lions 30-20

Since there is absolutely no scenario in which I see the Bears winning this game, much like the 49ers in Week 2, this is probably the one they’ll steal, right? Ah, no! An angry Lions team that still is very much in the playoff hunt, coming off some real NFL football at Arizona and New England and playing at home on Thanksgiving will be absolutely loaded for the Bears. This is one of the top-three defenses in the NFL and the Bears were just held to 204 yards of offense by the Bucs. Season: 6-5