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Jay Cutler ties Sid Luckman's TD record on pass to Alshon Jeffery

Bears signal caller Jay Cutler became — statistically speaking — the best Chicago quarterback in history with his performance against the Minnesota Vikings Sunday.

Cutler has owned the Bears’ record for quarterback passing yards for some time, but this weekend he grabbed a share of the team passing touchdown record with former Chicago great Sid Luckman. Cutty hit Jeffery at the end of the first half to tie the game — and the record — with this impressive pass-and-catch.

With a share of the TD record, while owning the passing yards record, Cutty is more than just “arguably” the best Bears quarterback. For as good as many believe he can, Cutler has made himself into a legitimate quarterback in the NFL. He may not be elite, but he definitely has been a bright spot for the Bears this season.