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John Fox sounds off on player suspensions

There isn’t a coach in any sport that wants to his players suspended but Bears coach John Fox wants his guys to understand they have the biggest responsibility in regards to what goes in their bodies.

In an interview Friday, Fox told reporters that the team’s recently suspended players were very much aware of what could happen if they took prohibited substances.

From ESPN:

“There’s an education process there,” Fox said. “They’re very well-educated. They understand. They’ve been preached to. They’re responsible for anything they put in their body.”

Rookie offensive tackle Tayo Fabuluje and defensive end Ego Ferguson were suspended four games for banned substances within the span of a week from each other. Jalen Saunders, a practice squad member, has also been hit with a four-game suspension for an unidentified cause.

The Bears travel to St. Louis to take on the Rams this Sunday.