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Twitter torn over Blaine Gabbert's performance

For some reason, it’s a really big surprise when the San Francisco 49ers win a game. It’s not that they are a team devoid of much talent, because everyone already knew that. It’s more so the fashion in which the team wins.

Sunday, the 49ers beat a surging Atlanta Falcons team at home 17-16. It was a gutsy performance — on both sides of the ball — by a team that many consider a leading candidate for the No. 1 overall pick in the draft.

Blaine Gabbert look really comfortable for most of the contest for the 49ers. He threw a pair of second-quarter touchdown passes to tight end Garrett Celek, as San Fran would score all of its 17 points in the quarter.

Gabbert made his first start in more than two years after being ousted from Jacksonville as its franchise signal caller. In this start, however, he threw passes to six different receivers and played well enough to beat an above-average defense on a 6-2 team.

As usual, Twitter is buzzing with talk about Gabbert. Is he good? Is he great? Is he lucky?

There’s even some Gabbert fans that think he’s better than Jay Cutler.

I’m not completely sold that Gabbert is a complete bust, but he’s definitely no Cutler just yet. Gabbert wishes he had the track record Cutty has.

Cutler probably wishes he had Brett Favre’s resumè. There’s levels to this stuff.