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Mike Ditka is only ESPN expert to pick Bears over Packers

Mike Ditka was the only one to correctly pick the Bears 27-20 upset of the Packers in 2013. Can he do it again?

Before you excuse this as more babble from Mike Ditka, remember that Da Coach was the only expert who correctly picked the Bears over the Packers in 2013 and the upset of the 49ers last season.

Trump that!

After saying the Packers would win the Super Bowl this season on ESPN radio, Ditka was the only one of 13 ESPN football experts to pick the Bears over the Packers in Week 1.

When pressed for the number of Bears’ victories on the “Carmen and Jurko” show, Ditka said it would take 10 or 11 to make the playoffs, and he expects the Bears to go “10-6 or 9-7.”

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