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Despite blowout win, Herm Edwards isn't impressed with Cardinals victory over Bears

The Arizona Cardinals were, by most accounts, the most effective team in Sunday’s circuit of NFL games.

Against the Bears, Arizona scored a touchdown on offense, defense and special teams. The passing game accounted for four touchdowns, the rushing attack tacked on another TD and the defense took an interception for six.

Rookie running back David Johnson even scored on the opening kickoff of the game.

As potent as the team’s game plan and execution was, former NFL coach Herm Edwards was not convinced the Cardinals did anything spectacular.

On ESPN’s show “Mike and Mike,” Edwards noted the Bears changing defense and new personnel as key contributors to the outcome of the game. He felt the Cards had no choice but to win the contest.

However, with the AFC South’s favorite Indianapolis Colts starting out 0-2, anything can happen on any given Sunday.